“The worldwide mission of TW Saddlery is to alleviate horse’s sore backs, resulting from poor saddle fit. TW Saddlery provides both horse & rider with unequaled comfort.”

We are blessed to have made great strides toward achieving this goal. Our customers and their input & support keep TW Saddlery growing and improving.

It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention”. This is certainly true with the origins of TW Saddlery. David Kaden and Tracy Webb developed the revolutionary TW Saddlery to meet their own needs and to fix the fitting problems they experienced with traditional saddles.

TW Saddlery’s more popular features are:

* Adjustable stirrup positions (forward, balanced or centered).

* Patented 3-D (three dimensional) fit system, allowing you to fit multiple horses.

* Lightweight close contact saddle.

* Custom saddles, built to fit the rider’s specific needs.

The patented adjustable 3-D fitting system developed by David Kaden has greatly improved saddle fit. This improved technology has led to superior performance by horses worldwide. TW Saddlery has customers and sales representatives around the world.

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